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Results and Purpose Coaching and Mentoring
led by Dr Michael Chew

Imagine waking up and knowing with deep certainty that you are living your dream life - having an abundance of time, energy and resources to create your hopes, dreams and challenges? Coaching is a powerful transformative process that will support you to clarify the future you dream of, as well as the practical steps to make your future dreams present reality. And we'll actually have fun along the way!

As your personal Coach I am totally dedicated to facilitating your transformation and being a supportive partner at each step along your journey - like your own private cheer-leader or employee whose job-description is to ensure you to live the life of your dreams! I listen deeply to your present situation and hold a safe and creative container where you can get in touch with your higher wisdom.

Although I often have plenty of insights to share, I fundamentally believe that you have the core insights within you and it is my role to help you prune away limiting beliefs, negative self-images and distracting voices to help recover your core truths, values and beliefs which will drive your success. Unlike your friends I may challenge your personal narratives and beliefs if they don't truly support your vision and values, in kind and compassionate ways - always supporting and nurturing your authentic self.

My Approach

I have developed my coaching and mentoring approaches through years of practice working with individuals and groups, and in local and international NGOs, government and universities, alongside formal coaching training. They are targeted at the effective implementation of successful life-skill strategies, leadership skills, personal development abilities, and self-coaching techniques to create permanent change in your life. I see coaching as fundamentally supporting people to be the best version of themselves.

I view it as a dynamic blend of intuition and science, presence and process, emergence and technique:

Pure presence, deep listening, focussing and allowing space for whatever arises, and holding the creative container to allow for transformation

Methods, tools and techniques designed to specifically to expand your awareness of your capabilities, overcome personal barriers, and open new perspectives

Most people (both coaches and clients) get overly focused with the techniques part, but in my experience, both are essential for transformation. My programs include both these aspects, and will always be tailored to suit your specific needs at the time.

I tend to coach in 5 areas:

I coach individuals who are at transitional times in their lives who are wanting transform into happier, healthier, and more authentic versions of themselves. These transition times are deeply potent and brimming with creative possibility as well as fear, overwhelm and confusion. I draw upon my own personal transitional experiences, spiritual growth, and life on the edges to help you navigate your unchartered landscapes with a helping hand at each step.

I coach humans who have a passion for making a positive difference in the world - entrepreneurs, social impacters, and change-agents - to help them both unleash their full potential in their work, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance so they are around for the long term! I draw and share passion from decades of community and environmental work, and co-founding various projects and organisations.

I coach creatives - artists and makers of all kinds - to support them bringing their unique ideas into reality. I draw and share inspiration from my own artistic practice, studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, books such as 'The Artist's Way', and lessons learnt living in creative communities.

I coach students, researchers, and academics to support them overcoming thinking and writing blocks, and help channel their raw original thinking into appropriate forms and structures, while maintaining their own 'voice'. I draw and share wisdom and critical perspectives from my degrees in science, humanities, fine art, education, and design. I especially like to support PhD students - see note below.

I coach people who are seeking deeper human connection in their lives to support them reaching more profound intimacy within themselves as solid, authentic grounds for entering into, and/or deepening human relationships. I draw upon decades of relationship and dating successes and failures - both on and offline - to help you connect with confidence and authenticity.

I have an international Results Coaching Certification from Authentic Education, and am a member of the International Coaching Federation.

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Special offering - PhD Coaching
Having completed an interdisciplinary PhD spanning across social science and creative practice, involving over 500 participants across 3 countries, I know how challenging it can be to balance literature reviews, methodologies, creative practice, ethics, data collection, theory, analysis, writing, submissions, not to mention managing supervisors (I had 5!) and general PhD work-life balance, getting by on a shoe string scholarship/juggling work! I coach masters and PhD students to overcome blocks, make breakthroughs, keep their wellbeing, and ultimately get over the line, providing a warm, supportive space for you to discuss your ideas, nut out a thorny issue, debrief after supervisors/panels and anything else that will help. My speciality is helping people see the forest from the trees. I have degrees in Science, Humanities/Social Science, Fine Art, Education and Design so I can bring wide-ranging perspectives to coaching sessions. Often universities will provide a training budget for higher education students that can be used to fund my services so you are not out of pocket. Book a free intro session to see how I could help you and your research to flourish!

What clients are saying


“Michael is an incredibly likeable, intelligent and compassionate life coach. His gentle manner and deep listening enable me to honestly share my aspirations, my fears and challenges with him. He is also very perceptive and insightful, and clearly draws on his broad education and life experience to suggest actions and practices that resonate with my values.

I have been delighted with Michael’s commitment to helping me reach my goals. He is always well prepared for our sessions, and has provided me with many tools and resources I can use into the future. I highly recommend taking a journey with Michael! He is a wonderful and effective life coach. Thank you, Michael! “ 



“Michael's coaching sessions were a great blend of knowledge, care and connection. His enthusiastic altruistic approach, with a twist of light-hearted magic, suited my emotional spiritual style of growth and goal-setting. It was inspiring for his alternative perspectives; to explore logical and lateral options in uncovering blocks and achieving outcomes. I greatly appreciate his focus and vision to support my progress and positive change. I recommend Michael to anyone aiming for empowerment and accountability.”



“Working with Michael has been beautiful. Before I started coaching with him, I was quite confused about several domains of my life, especially my friendships and relationships, how to set boundaries, etc. Michael was able to guide me gently through all my limiting beliefs and empowered me to see my blindspots.
He has a very intuitive, soul-driven approach to coaching that is rare! Working with him, I was able to make some powerful and difficult decisions that ultimately enabled me to stand taller in my own individuality and take control of various domains of my life. I feel more free, happy and energised. If you are looking for a soul-driven and intuitive coach who is able to guide you powerfully to make decisions that are authentic to you - I'd highly recommend Michael.”



“Michael's ability to listen and then suggest ways that a question may be answered through the journey of inquiry, inspires us to really explore the 'Burning Questions' both within the academic pursuit and the personal creative exploration. In saying that Michael also brings you to an answer, not necessarily a fixed one, yet a resolution that opens doors to further discoveries.

Michael has a patience and a strength within his ability to express compassion through a lived experience, his wealth of knowledge he shares openly as he builds a bridge between you and his encouragement within collaboration. Michael has a learned peace about him, he brings you into a deep breath of transformation.”



“I discovered Michael's coaching service at a key crossroad in my life. I felt trapped in unfulfilling paid work, and despite motivation to change my position, I remained stuck. I did not renew my last contract, and launched into jobsearch mode. Coaching sessions with Michael helped me with practical steps in finding the right work, and also offered excellent support with the ever changing mental challenges I faced doing something unfamiliar and confronting.“