This is the evolving project archive, which may be filtered by the relevant tags below:

Experimental workshop series presented in the UK, India and online exploring how to visualise environmental actions beyond dominant individual narrative (recycling, green consumerism etc) – to explore collective actions and more-than-human agency.

Two day creative multi-modal youth civic consultation workshops, spanning future-visioning to policy formulation.

Indian villagers’ complex relationships with water visualised and evaluated through participatory photo-storytelling methods.


A global participatory visual action-research program exploring youth relationship with nature and environmental behaviour change across China, Bangladesh and Australia.

Three month based multi-cultural environmental leadership program where participants teamed up to make their own creative storytelling project to educate their communities.

Large scale community emotion map crowd-sourcing participants feelings across Melbourne CBD over a month.

Global online youth environmental leadership and storytelling workshops to drive peer-to-peer learning and project impact.

Pop-up intervention supporting people to develop and commit to their own specific community environmental action.

Three year project supporting multi-cultural youth to develop photographs and stories showing their relationships to community and place.

Pop-up large-scale community map supporting people to ideate and contribute their future environmental hopes.

Creative workshops supporting youth to develop and co-design their ideas for water sensitive urban development.

Large-scale community-created collaborative quilts showing hand-painted positive future visions

Hardcover 80 page photography book showcasing vivid stories from climate affected communities across Bangladesh.

Grassroots international NGO running cultural exchange and small-scale community development programs between India and Australia.

Pioneering experimental cross-platform, multi venue public environmental visual and performing arts festival.

Creative participatory action-research project exploring and showcasing community assets within a social housing estate.

Incentive-based local community recycling behaviour change program.

Community-based micro-scale recycled environmental art competition.

Creative youth community development program encompassing photography, community mapping, and collaborative quilt-making ran in Medan, Indonesia.

Workshop series ran with local Timorese artists to build digital imaging skills.

Hyrbird online and local community environmental behaviour change program focussing on challenge-based incentives.

This community arts project gave people an opportunity to anonymously share their repressed feelings and storie, which were exhibitied in a community library.

Branching non-linear ‘choose your own adventure’ style storytelling photo-story narrative hidden in amongst the Ballieu university library.

Australian grassroots solidarity organisation to Bangladesh Krishok Federation & Bangladesh Kishani Sabha. Working for Climate Justice, peasants rights and Food Sovereignty in Bangladesh.

Youth environmental photography competition ran in Dhaka, Bangladesh through United Purpose Bangladesh.